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03 July 2007 @ 04:04 pm
Internet Crap-Out!  
Dang, no posts, because my internet crapped out for a while.  I hung out with Nora some, and worked, and talked to Antonio on the phone... not much else.

But now the internet is fixed!  Yayzors!!!  So now I can do stuffs, and not be bored.   I mostly filled the hours with reading, but then Nora came over and we watched Titanic, and a couple other movies, and ate cookie dough and doritoes.  Mmm.

Got some Chinese food last night.  It was tasty and delicious!  Took some to work this morning and it was stolen out of the fridge!  I dunno if it was Emo Anna (I hope not, because the girl's a veg-head, and it was pork fried rice) or Skanky Serious Kelly... it was probably her.  I had my name written on it in bright blue sharpie.  HARD TO MISS!! 

Anyway, I talked to Antonio for like four hours yesterday, and he's supposed to call me in a few hours when he gets off work.  We're going to watch a movie together... whatevers on TV, I think...
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